Yukon's Air North to renew its fleet over the next three years

Whitehorse, Yukon - Canadian carrier Air North is planning to modernize its fleet over the next three years to reduce its operational costs.

To this end, the airline aims to add newer generation planes to its fleet that will help to reduce its fuel consumption and carbon footprint.

Upgrading our scheduled service jet fleet will be a major undertaking, possibly the biggest in our 43-year history. Our goal is to deliver the most modern, fuel-efficient, and environmentally friendly service in the country, offering Yukoners and visitors to the North safe, reliable, and affordable air transportation for years to come,

President Joseph Sparling wrote in a letter to shareholders celebrating the carrier's 43rd anniversary.

The gains we made when we upgraded to B737-500s from B737-200s is apparent, with a 21% improvement in efficiency (2% of which is attributable to the addition of winglets),

Sparling added.

Sparling did not elaborate any further details in his letter about the aircraft type and the number of aircraft to be acquired.

Yukon's flag carrier currently operates one Boeing 737-400 and four Boeing 737-500. Besides the Boeing 737s, Air North also operates three ATR42-300s and two BAe 748s on its short-haul routes.

The huge distances make flying a necessity in the remote parts of Canada rather than luxury and low fuel consumption is crucial for sustainable air travel.