Moscow - On September 3, Russian flag carrier Aeroflot has taken delivery of another Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ100). The aircraft registered RA-89110 and baptized in honor of the legendary Soviet pilot Mikhail Gromov, became the 48th SSJ100 in the fleet.

The new Sukhoi Superjet 100 is configured with 12 seats in business class and 75 seats in economy class like its predecessors and will enter into service in the coming weeks.

Between June and September 1925, Mikhail Gromov was one of the pilots who flew a Polikarpov R-1 in the long-haul group flight of nine airplanes on the route Moscow-Beijing-Tokyo.

On August 30, 1926, Gromov started and completed a 7,150 km (4,440 nm) flight over Europe in three days in a Tupolev ANT-3 on the route Moscow-Königsberg-Berlin-Paris-Rome-Vienna-Prague-Warsaw-Moscow.

From July 12 to July 14 in 1937, He set a new non-stop flight record of 10,148 kilometers (6,306 nm) from Moscow to San Jacinto, US, via the North Pole in a Tupolev ANT-25.

Aeroflot supports Russian Aerospace Industry with large amounts of orders for in-house built airliners. The airline is currently the largest operator of Sukhoi Superjet 100 and plans to expand its SSJ100 fleet to 50 aircraft.

Russian carrier operates its SSJ100s within Russia, and on the routes to CIS countries as well as some European countries.