Video: Yakutia's SSJ100 experiences runway excursion in Yakutsk


Yakutsk - On October 10th, a Sukhoi Superjet 100 from Yakutia Airlines made a crash landing in Yakutsk. On the video below you can see that the device rests on the engines and the nose wheel due to the wholly damaged landing gear. There were 91 passengers and five crew members on board.

Due to an unknown cause, the plane slipped after touching the runway. The device was severely damaged on the underside and stopped on a concrete surface. Four passengers needed medical assistance after the unfortunate landing.

The manufacturer (Sukhoi Civil Aircraft Corporation) thinks the crash landing accident is not related to the aircraft’s technical systems, and the incident occurred as a result of external factors.

Rosaviatsia (Russia's federal air transport regulator) is investigating the incident. According to local media, the focus is on a possible violation of the safety regulations.

The aircraft (RA-89011) which was involved in the incident is a six-year old basic variant of the Superjet 100, delivered to the Russian carrierin 2012.

Yakutia has a fleet of five Sukhoi Superjet.