Yakutia to modernize its regional fleet with 23 IL 114-300 by 2029

Yakutsk, Russia - The ministry of transportation of Yakutia says that 23 IL-114-300 aircraft needed to modernize the regional fleet of Yakutia Airlines.

The new generation IL-114-300 turboprops of the Russian aircraft manufacturer Ilyushin are intended to replace the aging regional fleet of the airline comprising Antonov An-24s.

Taking into account the medium-term plans for the development of regional aviation in the Yakutia Republic, the Yakutia Airlines' regional subsidiary Polar Airlines has been determined to improve its fleet and route network by adding more modern turboprops.

The authorities of Yakutia are planning to add 23 IL-114-300 by 2029 to meet the demand in the region.

The Russian aircraft manufacturer will begin the serial production of its upgraded IL-114 in 2021. 23 aircraft will join the Polar Airline's fleet between 2022 and 2026. IL-114-300 is designed for autonomous use at the airports that are providing very limited service.

Ploar Airlines An-24

For the operation of the aircraft in poorly equipped airports, a ladder will be installed for boarding and disembarking the passengers.

The first flight of the IL-114-300 is scheduled for November 2020. The aircraft will be equipped with modern digital flight navigation systems, ensuring take-off and landing under bad weather conditions corresponding to category II of ICAO.

Yakutia subsidiary Polar Airlines is carrying more than 120,000 passengers and more than 2,000 tons of cargo per year.



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