Yakutia Airlines plans to replace its SSJ100s with Boeing 737-700s


Yakutsk - Problems in the operation of new types of domestic aircraft Sukhoi Superjet and decommissioning of the aging An-24 in the coming years forces the regional airline operator Yakutia Airlines to actively seek investors for the acquisition of new aircraft.

Yakutia Airlines clearly understands its responsibilities against its passengers and assesses the opportunities to acquire new aircraft,
said CEO Olga Nikolaevna Fedorova.

The regional air carrier now focuses on Boeing 737-700, since there are no after-sales service difficulties regarding the airline's network and all spare parts are delivered very quickly.

This is an established system around the world,
Fedorova said.

Yakutia intends to voice its plans at the Eastern Economic Forum, which will be held in Vladivostok in September. About 7.2 billion rubles (106.200.000 USD) needed to replace the existing five SSJ100s with Boeing 737-700s and for also the possibility of acquiring the Bombardier Q300s from the Canadian aircraft manufacturer.

Based in Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia, the carrier operates domestic passenger services in Russia and within the former Soviet Republics, as well as destinations in Europe, Asia, and North America from its hubs at Yakutsk Airport and Moscow Vnukovo Airport.