Yakutsk - Yakutia Airlines, who announced days ago that it would replace its Sukhoi Superjet 100 fleet, has changed its mind. The operator decided to keep the aircraft in operation after obtaining a guarantee from the manufacturer for resolution of the existing problems.

Just a few weeks ago, Russian carrier Yakutia Airlines had announced that it would end operations with SSJ100s after making harsh criticism of the manufacturer for the lack of spare parts and problems in the design of the engines.

Today, the airline stepped back and declared its intention to go on operations with its SSJ100s. The information was made public by the government of the Yakutia Republic.

The decision has been taken through the mediation of the Russian authorities. Russian manufacturer Sukhoi agreed to create a separate entity dedicated to supplying the components for PowerJet SaM146 engines, which will reduce the time required for repair or replacement of the drivers.

It was also decided that the Sukhoi Civil Aircraft will financially compensate Yakutia Airlines for the grounded aircraft as it did before for Mexican airline operator Interjet. Sukhoi had to pay Interjet $40 million compensation fee for the grounded SSJ100s of the airline due to lack of spare parts.

As we published on August 24, Yakutia had decided to replace its Sukhoi Superjet fleet by Boeing 737 series aircraft to serve its regional network affected by the low availability of Russian-made equipment during the full summer season.

Although the first second-hand Boeing 737 was ready to be delivered, the airline couldn't obtain authorization from the Russian civil aviation authority to operate it with Bermudan registration.

It's a well-known fact that the federal government of Russia pushes local airlines to use Russian-made airliners in their regional networks to support the Russian civil aviation industry.