Witnesses report strange noise from the crashed Ethiopian Boeing 737 MAX 8

Addis Ababa - Witnesses who told Reuters news agency said that they heard a strange noise before the Ethiopian Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed.

The Boeing 737 MAX 8 that crashed in Ethiopia made a strange noise and left a trail of smoke behind, according to the villagers who witnessed the accident.

The aircraft departed from the Ethiopian capital for Nairobi on Sunday morning. The pilot reported problems shortly after taking off and wanted to turn to the Addis Ababa International Airport. But it was too late. The jet crashed with a strange noise and smoke trail on the tail.

The 26-year-old Turn Buzuna, who lives about 300 meters from the crash site, says he heard a "rattling noise".

"Everyone says they have never heard such a sound from an airplane," the farmer says.

According to Reuters, four witnesses reported an unusual, loud sound. Six people saw smoke on the tail.

One of those witnesses was 47 years old Malka Galato, the farmer on whose field the plane crashed. He reported smoke and sparks from the plane.

"The aircraft was close to the ground and made a turn. Grazing cows ran away in a panic, "said Galato.

Witness Tamirat Abera (25) says that the pilot was still trying to pull up, but failed. Then there was fire and white smoke that turned black.