When will Bombardier be able to deliver its CSeries aircraft to Delta?


Montreal - Could it be that Bombardier misses the April deadline for delivery of the CSeries to Delta? According to Aviation Week magazine, it is the scenario that was confirmed by Bombardier at the Singapore Air Show.

There will be a significant impact on the timing of our deliveries to Delta,
said Colin Bole, Senior Vice President of Sales at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft in an interview with Aviation Week.

These words come three weeks after Delta acknowledged the possibility of a delay in the delivery schedule. The company had to invest in the maintenance of the MD88s to keep them a little longer, which to be replaced by CS100s.

According to the forecasts released in December 2017, the Canadian manufacturer plans to deliver this year 40 CSeries devices. The manufacturer currently has 372 aircraft in its backlog.

Bombardier manages its delivery schedule proactively, according to the needs of its customers,
spokesman Simon Letendre said.
Business negotiations between Bombardier and its customers are confidential. As for the deliveries of CSeries aircraft, this will undoubtedly be one of the themes addressed during the release of our fourth quarter and fiscal year results on February 15th,
he added.

The contract with Delta announced in early 2016, for a firm order of 75 CS100 aircraft, the smaller variant of the CSeries family. At the catalog price, the agreement was valued at $ 5.6 billion.

This agreement was taken up by Boeing to the US Department of Commerce in 2017 by claiming that Bombardier received subsidies from the Canadian government to develop the aircraft, and the deal was unfairly harming Boeing's trade in the US.

While the US authorities were busy processing Boeing's complaint, Bombardier sold 51% of the CSeries program to Boeing's European rival, Airbus.

For Bombardier, integration with Airbus is the priority these days,
Boles said.

Airbus plans to build an assembly line for CSeries on its Alabama plant, a tactical maneuver to bypass the punitive tariffs of 292% imposed on CSeries aircraft by The US Department of Commerce. The Department's decision was dumped last month by the US International Trade Commission (USITC), a bitter setback for Boeing.

Built in the United States or Canada?

Delta has not yet decided on whether to take delivery of Canadian-built aircraft instead of the new line,
Bole told Aviation Week. After the official green light, the line in Alabama could be in operation within 12 months, according to Bole.

During the cases, Bombardier claimed that Boeing was not harmed due to the sales agreement with Delta because the American manufacturer doesn't manufacture any aircraft of the same size as those of the CSeries.