WestJet unveils its new livery with the cabin layout of the new Dreamliners (Pictures and Video)


Calgary - On May 8, WestJet unveiled the livery, logo and interior fittings of its new Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, including its first-ever Business class cabin. The first deliveries are scheduled for early 2019.

A site dedicated to the future Dreamliner of the Canadian carrier made online on May 8 with a ceremony held in Calgary, Canada. The new livery and the new logo was updated under the supervision of the Ove Brand Design, a design company based in Seattle.

The characters of the wordmark have been updated giving it a more contemporary and bold look. Only one color is used for the wordmark to decrease the emphasis on the "West." In addition to updating the stylized maple leaf on the tail of the aircraft, the Canadian flag on the front is another salute to the legacy of WestJet.

The new livery will also respect Canada's two official languages English and French: "The Spirit of Canada" will appear on one side of the Dreamliner's fuselage, and "L’esprit du Canada" on the other.

WestJet has confirmed the cabin layout in three classes with a new interior developed by PriestmanGoode, a British design consultancy company specialized in the brand image within the transport and travel sectors.

Taking advantage of Canadian-specific themes, the cabin offers passengers a rich color palette: crystal blue inspired by high mountains of Canada in Economy class, shades and tones inspired by Northern Lights in Premium class, and the rich hues in Business Class inspired by the splendor of Canadian summers.

In Business Class(1 + 2 + 1), touch screen on-demand dining will be available, allowing travelers to define exactly how they want to fly. When it's time to relax, horizontally unfolding mattresses, bedding and a blanket service give WestJet customers the chance to enjoy a peaceful flight.

Business Class
The unveiling of our state-of-the-art Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner coincides with a new era for WestJet and represents the next step in our transformation into a world-class air carrier,
said Ed Sims, the CEO of WestJet.

The new livery will be applied to the entire WestJet fleet upon the arrival of new aircraft in 2018. In June, a Boeing 737-MAX 8 will be the first aircraft to enter in service with the new livery.

The routes that the new Dreamliners will be deployed are not precise yet. But last August, the company evoked Europe and Asia as the first targets with a particular interest for China.

Recalling the existence of code sharing with both China Eastern Airlines and China Southern Airlines, Ed Sims explained that WestJet is well positioned to rely on these agreements and enjoy a market with massive growth rates between Canada and China.

WestJet has ten Dreamliners in its order book, with options of 10 additional aircraft.