WestJet postpones the delivery of four Boeing 737 MAX 8 expected next year


Calgary - WestJet negotiated with Boeing the delivery postponement of four Boeing 737 MAX 8 out of eight expected in 2019 due to weak demand.

Canada's second largest airline WestJet has signed an agreement with Boeing delaying the planned delivery of four 737 MAX 8 next year due to the weakening domestic market demand. According to the new plan, the low-cost operator will receive the two Boeing 737 MAX 8 in 2020, and two in 2021.

WestJet has already put into service nine of the 22 737 MAX 8 ordered. The devices are configured to accommodate 12 seats in Business class and 162 in Economy.

WestJet will now receive four MAX 8 in 2019, two in 2020 and four in 2021. In 2021, the company will also take delivery of its first of 22 MAX 7 expected. A year later, it will include the first of twelve MAX 10 ordered.

These delivery postponements are accompanied by the extension of the leasing contracts covering two 737-700 and two 737-800 aircraft.

CEO Ed Sims pointed out that the carrier doesn't have any particular concerns about fuel efficiency or rising oil prices thanks to its young fleet (8.2 years on average).