Vueling A320 almost to land at the wrong Hamburg Airport


Hamburg - On May 11, An Airbus A320 from Vueling was about to land at the wrong airport. Instead of its final destination Hamburg Airport at the north of the city, the flight crew intended to land at Finkenwerder, the airport at the local Airbus plant.

Air traffic controllers noticed that the plane began to descend too early and warned the Vueling crew. Moments later, the A320 from Barcelona landed at Hamburg Airport, reports the Morgenpost.

According to a spokesman for the Deutsche Flugsicherung (the state-owned organization in charge of air traffic control for Germany), the error occurred because the Vueling crew performed a visual approach. It was necessary because the ILS system for runway 05 at Hamburg Airport was not in operation.

The pilot had made a mistake in the geographical orientation and intended to land at Finkenwerder instead of Hamburg Airport, which was about fifteen kilometers away. The approaching error left the aircraft slightly to the left of the runway 05 at Hamburg Airport.

German media recalls that in 1967 a plane landed at Finkenwerder instead of Hamburg Fuhlsb├╝ttel airport. It was also a Spanish plane, a Convair 990 from Spantax. It went well, even though the runway length at Finkenwerder Airport was too short for such a large four-engine jet.

At its Hamburg plant, Airbus is producing the A320 series aircraft and assembling the major components of the A380s.