Volotea joins forces to develop a hybrid-electric aircraft

Madrid, Spain - Budget specialist Volotea has joined forces to help Spanish startup Dante Aeronautical for the development of a hybrid-electric aircraft.

The aircraft is intended to connect remote cities with small airports where traditional jets are not able to land or not cost-effective to operate.

The Spanish low-cost operator will provide Dante Aeronautical data and technical support.

The plane will initially be powered by a hybrid-electric engine and replaced, in the future, by an engine fully powered by electricity.

Dante Aeronautical says a hybrid design at first is realistic for achieving reduced emissions in the near term.

The startup company also collaborates with research institutes such as the Instituto de Empresa in Spain and the University of Adelaide in Australia.

After the design phase is launched, the company will manufacture a scaled prototype to test the aircraft concept.

Dante Aeronautical aims to introduce its hybrid aircraft to the market in the middle of the next decade.