Video: Folding wing of the Boeing 777X is ready for testing


Everett - Boeing has released a video of the first folding wing that will be used for flight tests of the future 777X.

The 777X, the largest twin-engine aircraft in the world, now has a full wing, including the new folding wingtip. Boeing explained the insights about the new wing structure in a live video on October 3, in Everett, where the first 777-9 is being assembled. The device will be used for the static tests.

Four aircraft will be used for the certification campaign with GE9X engines, which have already started flight tests with a Boeing 747 aircraft modified for the new engine.

The GE9X, the largest engine ever, commences flight tests

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Picture: Boeing 777X receives its foldable wing tip

The inaugural flight of the 777-9 is scheduled for next year before delivery in 2020 to the launch company Emirates Airlines. Boeing's new widebody is able to accommodate up to 425 passengers in standard tri-class configuration. The aircraft can fly 7600 nm (14.075 km) with the lowest operational cost per seat compared to any commercial aircraft in the world.