Video: First night flight for MC-21-300


Moscow - The new Russian airliner MC-21-300 has carried out a night flight for the first time to test landing, navigation and lighting equipment.

During a test flight at the Gromov Flight Research facilities located about 40 kilometers southeast of Moscow, a prototype of the MC-21-300 made its first night landing. In particular, the aircraft made several passes over the runway from several directions and at various heights. All aircraft systems worked well during the flight, the Irkut Group said in a statement.

MC-21-300 made its first flight on May 28, 2017. It will have two variants. The 163-seat MC-21-300 will be able to fly up to 3240 NM (6,000 km). The single-aisle jet will initially be powered by PW1400G-JM engines, but Irkut will also offer the Russian PD-14 engine as an option. Its list price is announced at $91 million.

Its little sister, the 132-seat MC-21-200 will be offered at a list price of $78 million.

To date, both models of MC-21 have accumulated 285 firm orders (from almost exclusively Russian customers). Aeroflot has placed an order for 50 aircraft through Avia Capital Services, a rental subsidiary of Rostec Corp., and is expected to receive the first MC-21 delivery in early 2020.