Video: ANA Boeing 767 catches fire right after takeoff

Tokyo, Japan - An All Nippon Airways Boeing 767 aircraft which was bound for Tokyo Haneda Airport was forced to return to Fukuoka Airport after one of its engines caught fire.

There were 270 passengers and eight crew members on board when the incident happened. The pilots decided to make an emergency landing when the crew noticed flames spreading out of the aircraft's engine.

A video shot from an eyewitness on the ground showed that the plane’s right engine was on fire as it made a tour before making an emergency landing at Fukuoka Airport.

The plane stopped immediately after it touched down the runway so the emergency response teams could intervene in the fire.

The runway was closed for takeoffs and landings for approximately 30 minutes as firefighters distinguished the blaze.

No injuries reported. The official and the airline are currently investigating the incident.