Video: An Airbus A340 from Qatar Airways arrives in Twente for disassembly

Twente - On May 1st, a scrapped Airbus A340-600 from Qatar Airways landed at Twente Airport after a ferry flight from Doha to Twente.

The four-engine aircraft, which is thirteen years old, will soon be dismantled by the Dutch aircraft disassembly and dismantling company AELS.

The Qatar Airways logos on the A340 were already stripped, but the gray and white background colors of the airline were clearly recognizable.



Images: luchtvaartnieuws.nl

Reusable parts of the aircraft such as engines and cockpit instruments will be removed and the rest will be recycled. AELS previously dismantled the Airbus A340s from SWISS and Air France.

Qatar Airways received its first Airbus A340s in 2006 and flew them for almost 13 years.

The last Airbus A340 of the Qatari carrier made its last flight to Kuala Lumpur and Colombo from Doha on March 31st.

Qatar Airways replaced its A340s with newer, more efficient Airbus A350s and Boeing 787s.

The other A340 operators around the world follow the trend and make their choices in favor of the more modern and more fuel-efficient planes such as the Airbus A350 and Boeing 787.

Another major airline, the Turkish flag carrier Turkish Airlines also ended its A340 operations. The last A340 in the Turkish fleet (TC-JII) made its last flight from Istanbul to Johannesburg on April 13.