UPS lifts production of the Boeing 747-8 into the 2020s


Atlanta - The Atlanta-based logistics corporation redeems one option and orders 14 more 747-8F.

Today UPS announced that it had ordered 14 new Boeing 747-8F, the freighter variant of the Boeing's superjumbo, to meet the increasing demand of the clients to the cargo service of the US carrier. UPS also stated that the new super freighters would add a significant capacity on the existing routes of the company.

We benefit from the youngest fleet in the industry, and we are continuously investing in both operating safety and efficiency,
said Brendan Canavan, UPS Airlines president. 
This investment supports our customers’ future capacity needs while also reducing fuel use and emissions, which enhances UPS Airlines’ position as an industry leader in sustainability,
he added.

The 747-8 freighters have 34 shipping containers on its main deck and 14 in its lower compartments. The aircraft has a cargo capacity of 307,600 pounds, or approximately 30,000 packages and a flight range of 4,340NM. The 747-8 has a strong industry safety and reliability record.

UPS took delivery of three 747-8Fs in 2017. Boeing will deliver the newly ordered freighters by 2022. These new orders provide another boost to the 747-8 program, which currently suffers from low demand on the passenger side.