Video: Boeing tests foldable wings of the 777X

Seattle, Washington - Boeing began testing the foldable wing tips of the 777X and released a short video of it.

The new Boeing 777X has a larger wingspan than any widebody jet in service with 235,5 ft (71,8m). To prevent the aircraft to occupy more space on the ground, Boeing made its wing tips foldable.

The wing tips are about 11. 48 ft (3.5 meters) long. When they are folded while taxiing and parking, the wingspan of the aircraft reduces to 212,9 ft (64,8 meters).

Thanks to its foldable wings, the 777X can be deployed on every airport in the world other widebody jets are deployed and airports don't need to make adjustments to their infrastructure.

The manufacturer is now testing this system and has released a short video of it.