Boeing thinks about a new 50-seater regional jet


Sao Paulo - Boeing considers various opportunities in the planned joint venture with Embraer, including a new 50-seater aircraft that will be developed with the know-how of its Brazilian partner who is an expert in designing and developing small passenger jets.

Boeing probes the possibilities for a small, efficient regional jet with its new business partner. So far, Embraer attracted customers with its 70 to 150-seater E Series jets, which are currently missing in the American manufacturer's portfolio.

Regional jets under 90 seats are never mentioned by the two major aircraft manufacturers Boeing and Airbus, although 50-seat passenger jets still play an important role in the US market.

The project, among others, appeared in the document offered to the shareholders of the Brazilian manufacturer by Boeing. Boeing needs the Embraer shareholders to approve its business plan to officially start the new joint venture that will be established with the partnership of both manufacturers.

The Canadian manufacturer is currently working on a new 50-seat model for United Airlines so-called CRJ550. Embraer has recently reduced the seating capacity of its E175 from 76 to 70 seats to attract regional operators.