United sends its 737 MAXs to Arizona to avoid upcoming hurricane season

Illinois, Chicago - As the global 737 MAX grounding nears the six month mark, some airlines already canceled their flight schedules with the aircraft by the end of this year.

United Airlines is one of them. The company delayed its scheduled flights with its 14 737 MAX jets in the fleet until November, while another 737 MAX operator Southwest Airlines canceled all flights by year-end.

On Aug 28, United announced that it would move its 737 MAXs to Arizona from Houston and Los Angeles where they are currently stored.

United is fully committed to the safe movement of all our MAX aircraft and we have clearance from the FAA to conduct these ferry flights,

a company spokesperson said.

The spokesperson also explained that it is a precaution for the upcoming Hurricane season in the Gulf of Mexico. Houston is less than 60 miles from the Gulf of Mexico.

There is still no clear timeline on when the civil aviation regulators worldwide review the fixes made by Boeing to the stall-prevention system (MCAS) of the aircraft and lift their bans.

Boeing had finished the proposed flight-control system in June but FAA test pilots identified a new issue during the simulator tests that must also be addressed.

The test pilots of the Federal Aviation Administration found that response to the electric-trim inputs too long during a runaway stabilizer scenario.

According to some sources who spoke to Bloomberg this week, the FAA could begin flight tests in October to recertify the aircraft.

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The U.S. regulator reportedly invited 737 MAX pilots from the US carriers to test the system in the simulator.