Toulouse - The U.S. carrier Delta Air Lines might already have ordered ten Airbus A330neo valued at $3 billion, Reuters news agency reports.

Airbus announced an order for ten A330-900 in its October report of monthly aircraft orders and deliveries but did not disclose the name of the buyer.

Airbus: 85 orders and 81 deliveries in October 2018

Two industry experts, who are willing to stay anonymous, told Reuters news agency that Delta was the buyer. Another source also claimed that the American airline wants to expand the order for 25 Airbus A330neo aircraft.

Both parties declined to comment when asked. If confirmed, the deal would boost the sales of the Airbus's slow-selling widebody.
A330neo is suffering from lack of demand because of the fierce competition from the Boeing's new generation widebody aircraft Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Airbus's re-engineered A330 model has two wariants: the A330-900 and the shorter version A330-800. The A330-900 is relatively selling better than the A330-800. So far, the only customer of the shorter variant is Kuwait Airways with eight copies.

In February, Hawaiian Airlines had deleted an order for six A330-800 and switched for Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

Hawaiian declares death sentence for A330-800