United Airlines to introduce its new livery on April 24


Chicago - United Airlines is preparing to reveal its new livery on April 24. The company announced the event on its official Twitter account.

The airline's current livery incorporates a modified version of the former Continental Airlines "globe" logo. Continental joined Delta Airlines after the merger deal in 2010. Before that, United was using a “tulip” design.

Old Tulip Logo - 1973

1st revision in 1993

2nd Revision in 1997

In December the company published a YouTube video depicting the future brand evolution of the airline with the "ready to bring more energetic colors to United" motto.

Early this year, the U.S. carrier unveiled its new uniforms that will be used from 2020.

The color palette for new livery is still unknown, but United said the blue would remain as the base color, which represents the heritage and the worldwide brand identity of United.

But the new tones of blue would be used alongside the current dark “Rhapsody Blue”, the company added.

Chief Executive Oscar Mundoz defined the new upcoming livery as an evolution rather than a revolution last month during a press conference.


United’s latest color palette may give a hint about the new color scheme of its new livery. As you can see the prominent gold on the current logo is not there anymore.

"United Airlines to introduce a new livery in April"