United Airlines to introduce a new livery in April

Chicago - United Airlines is preparing to introduce a new livery in the coming months, most probably in April.

United has been using a modified version of the former Continental Airlines "globe" logo after the merger deal in 2010. It's now time for a change, according to airline's CEO Oscar Mundoz.

Mundoz defined the new upcoming logo of the company an evolution rather than a revolution on the sidelines of the US Chamber of Commerce aviation summit in Washington DC on March 7.

Continental-LiveryContinental Livery

Mr. Mundoz said that the new design will feature some of the colors which United has recently added to its branding palette. For instance, the purple adopted for its new premium economy class of the carrier and a new blue tone named "Rhapsody Blue".

Here is United’s latest color palette below. As you can see the prominent gold on the current logo is not there anymore.


No aircraft will be taken out of service to replace the existing livery. The airline will implement its new livery as new aircraft join the fleet. Current planes will be painted when they leave the fleet for scheduled maintenance.