Unfinished Boeing 737s to cause piling up in Renton


Renton - After Airbus, Boeing now has difficulties in increasing production rates. It is especially noticeable in Renton, Seattle's only 737 final assembly plant.

Over 40 unfinished 737 were parked around Boeing’s Renton final assembly plant and along the edges of the Renton Municipal Airport. Some of these aircraft are missing their engines and others waiting for the installation of different parts.

The cause of the piling up is the late deliveries of jet engines and fuselages from two major suppliers, which could not keep up with rising production rates, the manufacturer explains.

Two months ago, Boeing had raised the 737 production rate from 47 to 52 aircraft per month. Next year, Boeing targets to assemble 57 aircraft per month.

Besides, a retirement wave of experienced employees last year taking the voluntary buy-outs offered by the company caused a remarkable workforce shortage used in the production of these planes.

Several hundred Boeing employees from other plants in Renton are now to reinforce the current production lines until the newly hired workers are trained.

According to Boeing, the delays have already reached the peak. At the end of the year, everything should revert.