Picture: UAC unveils the first prototype of Ilyushin Il-114-300

Moscow, Russia - The Russian Aerospace giant United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has unveiled the first prototype of the Ilyushin Il-114-300 turboprop aircraft.

The aircraft entirely consists of Russian-made components and is expected to make its commercial debut in 2023. UAC aims to replace aging Antonov An-24s of the Russian and CIS operators with its new turboprop.

The design of the Il-114-300 dates back to the 1980s. Its predecessor Il-114-100 was equipped with American engines, but never became a success story for the Russian manufacturer. Only Uzbekistan Airways operated a few of them.

The new Il-114-300 is slightly shorter than the previous version and equipped with Russian engines and instruments. The Russian turboprop will make its maiden flight in early 2020. It is designed to accommodate 52 - 68 passengers depending on the operator's cabin configuration preference.

The manufacturer calls the aircraft as an ideal solution to link remote areas to each other and the major cities. Il-114-300 is able to operate in low temperatures and does not require full ground service.

The aircraft would provide regional airline operators great advantages in terms of operational cost, according to UAC. The upgraded version of the IL-114-300 will also include room for cargo to transport goods and mail to the remote regions.

Picture: UAC