UAC transfers all shares and the SSJ100 brand to Irkut Corporation


Moscow - The Russian aerospace giant United Aircraft Corporation has surprisingly transferred all shares and the production right of the Sukhoi's Superjet to another Russian aircraft manufacturer Irkut.

The parent company UAC has transferred all shares and the SuperJet 100 brand to its other subsidiary Irkut Corporation.

Valid from December 1st, Irkut, the manufacturer of the MC-21 jet, will be responsible for the production and the sales of all commercial aircraft types owned by UAC.

The parent company United Aircraft Corporation has decided that Sukhoi would only produce military aircraft from now on. Irkut will now handle the sale and production of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 besides new passenger planes, Russian narrow-body MC-21, and Sino-Russian wide-body CR929 that are currently under development.

The ownership of the Yakovlev Design Bureau was also transferred to Irkut.

So far Sukhoi couldn't catch a good sales trend for its hardly selling regional jet SSJ100.

UAC hopes that Irkut would do better as it did with the MC-21, which is intended to compete with the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737.