Two A220 jets under production may have been damaged due to a false fire alert

Mobile, Alabama - Two Airbus A220 jets currently under production at the Airbus's Mobile plant in Alabama might have been damaged due to the fire suppression system activation.

On Sept. 13, the fire suppression system in an assembly hangar was reportedly activated during the off-production time. There were no employees in the hangar during the incident except two Airbus A220 jets that were under production.

There was no fire indication when the system was activated according to the company spokesperson Kristi Tucker.

The inspection teams are working to determine what caused the activation of the fire suppression system as well as the possible damage to the two Airbus A220 jets.

Airbus completed construction of its Airbus A220 final assembly line in Mobile, Alabama earlier this year and started assembling the first A220 aircraft in August.

The first A220 jet is expected to leave the Final assembly Line in the third quarter of 2020. The aircraft will be delivered to Delta Air Lines, which already received 21 copies from the manufacturer's Mirabel plant in Quebec, Canada.

Besides Mobile plant in Alabama, Airbus also has two engineering centers in Kansas and Alabama, helicopter factories in Texas and Mississippi and a satellite manufacturing facility in Florida. The European aircraft manufacturer is working with suppliers in more than 40 states for its manufacturing operations in the United States.

This week, company CEO warned that additional tarrifs for the Airbus products in the United States would affect the manufacturer's American suppliers badly.