Turkish Boeing 737 hits tail on the ground during takeoff

Birmingham - A Turkish Airlines flight to Istanbul made an emergency landing shortly after takeoff from Birmingham International Airport on April 27.

The Boeing 737 took off from the Birmingham International Airport around 10.30 a.m. on April 27, but was forced to return to the departure airport when a sudden wind gust caused the tail of the aircraft to hit the runway during takeoff.

A passenger claimed that the aircraft rapidly descended 15 minutes after from takeoff. The aircraft safely landed at the Birmingham airport. Passengers had to wait three hours in the aircraft while it was inspected by technicians.

Some passengers complained they were left with no or little info during this period.

The technicians gave the green light for aircraft three hours later. According to some passengers, the pilot did not seem satisfied and waited for another 20 minutes. Technicians assured the crew that everything was fine with the aircraft and then the Turkish Boeing 737 took off again for Istanbul.

After the plane landed in Istanbul, it stopped on the runway and was surrounded by fire trucks again. The airport officials closed the runway until the passengers leave the aircraft.


Passengers were taken out of the plane by buses as the airport authority did not want to move the aircraft with passengers inside.

Birmingham Airport refused to provide a statement.