Turkish Airlines grounds its first Dreamliner due to a melted cabin window

Istanbul, Turkey - One of the cabin windows of the Turkish Airlines' Boeing 787-9 melted due to excessive spotlight exposure during the promotional media shootings.

Turkish Airlines took delivery of its first of 25 Boeing 787-9 on order last week. The airline had planned to put its first Dreamliner in service on domestic flights before deploying it on international routes from mid-July, but it had to ground the aircraft because of a melted cabin window. A forgotten spotlight during the promotional video shootings inside the plane caused a cabin window to melt down.




Unlike conventional airplanes, the Dreamliner has a different type of cabin window with electrochromic film in the middle of the glass, which allows the windows to dim without using a window shade.

It is one of the selling points for Boeing during the marketing of the aircraft.

Turkish Airlines announced the first scheduled flight between Istanbul and Antalya on July 8 and then Bali as the first international destination on July 17.

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