Turkey: Airplane hangs on at the edge of a cliff


Istanbul - On January 13, a plane slid along a muddy cliff and stopped a few meters from the sea just after landing at Trabzon Airport in northern Turkey.

The 162 passengers and six crew members of the Pegasus Airlines' Boeing 737-800 were evacuated from the plane, and no one was injured.

CNN Turkey's images showed the aircraft in a delicate position. A real "miracle" that nobody was hurt, according to a passenger.

The cause of the incident is unknown at the moment, but an investigation is underway, said the governor's office of the region.

According to another passenger, there was odor of fuel, which caused fear of a fire. "That's why we were so scared," she added.

"The plane will be withdrawn while all the measures will be taken," said an official to the Anadolu agency.

The airport, which had been closed after the incident, reopened Sunday morning.

According to Professor Atakan Aksoy of Karadeniz Technical University, the construction of the second runway should be accelerated. This type of accident can happen because of the narrowness of the terrain in the northern part of the airport and the proximity of a cliff.