Three Turkish Boeing 737 MAX 8 return to Istanbul mid-flight

Istanbul - On March 12, All outbound Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets turned back to Istanbul mid-journey.

Three Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8 returned to Istanbul while they were en route to their destinations. Two of them were flying to London Gatwick and Birmingham in England while the third aircraft was flying to Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania.

The Flight Tracking portal Flightradar24 gave the news with a radar snapshot showing the routes flown by the Turkish MAX 8s.

ta1Source: Flightradar24

Turkish Airlines CEO Bilal Eksi said that the planes returned after the airline's decision to ground the MAX 8 jets in the fleet until the Ethiopian crash investigation is concluded. British news agencies claimed the planes returned due to Britain's flight ban imposed for the Boeing 737 MAX 8. But two TUI Airways flights with Boeing 737 MAX 8 planes to Manchester, from Marrakesh and from Alicante, were allowed to land.

Today, the UK's Civil Aviation Authority to join China, Australia, and Singapore among others, to ban the Boeing's newest generation MAX 8 jets from flying into, taking off from or crossing over their airspaces.