Three Alaska Airlines Airbus A320 divert due to strange odor in the cabin

Seattle, Washington - Three Alaska Airlines Airbus A320 had to divert due to strange odors in the cabin in three recent incidents, Sam Chui (samchui.com) reports.

Interestingly, all incidents were reported on three different Airbus A320. On August 12, 2018, an Alaska flight on an A320 diverted to Los Angeles while flying from San Francisco to New Orleans. It was the first incident of which cause to be determined someone or something onboard.

The following incident occurred on February 26, on another A320 flight of the airline from Seattle to Santa Ana. The aircraft returned to Seattle Tacoma when the crew noticed a strange odor in the cabin.

The latest incident was on May 10. Again an A320 diverted to Los Angeles while it was en route from Portland to Santa Ana due to the same reason.

An investigation by Alaska Airlines ended up with no obvious reason for all three incidents.

The origin of the odors seemed to be something or someone in the cabin, which means the odors were not from the aircraft themselves but caused by either passengers or the crew.

All the aircraft involved in these incidents went under inspection but nothing found wrong with them.