This is how the Boeing 797 will look


Seattle - More information is now available about the Boeing's NMA, New Mid-market Airplane. Journalist Jon Ostrower reports the planning around the aircraft and holds an image giving some idea what the future device will look like.

The 797 will come in two variants. The 225-seater NMA-6X with a flight range of 5000 nautical miles, and the longer, 265-seater NMA-7X with a flight range of 4500 nautical miles. The NMA-6X to be delivered from 2025, and the NMA-7X from 2027.

The NMA-6X should look like this:

Boeing 797

This is an official design by Boeing and not just a photoshop like other images circulating around the web or the image used in the headline of this article. However, it does not mean that the 797 will exactly look like this. There are always differences between the first and the final design.

Boeing 797

The image gives an indication of what can be expected from the 797. For instance, the door configuration is comparable to that of the Boeing 767-200.

Earlier it became clear that the 797 will be a small widebody, which is similar to the 767 in size but which weighs less due to the use of lightweight materials (such as carbon composite). The hull will probably be oval-shaped instead of round.

Boeing is currently negotiating with the airlines for the 797. If there is enough demand, the American aircraft manufacturer will develop the aircraft. No decision has been taken yet. Boeing presumably will come up with a decision this summer.

United and Delta have already expressed interest. However, Ryanair CEO Micheal O'Leary does not think the plane is efficient enough.

images: Jon Ostrower