The wreck of Iran Aseman's ATR 72 was found


Tehran - The wreckage of Aseman Airlines' ATR 72, which crashed on February 18 with about 60 people on board, was located today (February 20) in a mountainous area in southwestern Iran.

Teams are mobilized to find the dead bodies and the flight recorders. According to the Iranian news agency IRNA, a helicopter of the Revolutionary Guard, the elite army of the regime, identified the precise location of the wreck, in the mountain of Dena, at an altitude about 13000 ft (4,000 meters) in the southwest of Iran.

The plane was found, but we do not have precise information about the bodies because the snow covers them,
said the head of Iran's emergency center, Miztaba Khalidi.

ATR 72-212, registered as EP-ATS (MSN391), was performing flight EP3704 from Tehran-Mehrabad airport to Yasouj on Sunday, February 18, when it disappeared from the radar screens around 50 minutes after take-off. The search was complicated by the heavy snowfall in the area.

ATR, The manufacturer of the aircraft, said Monday that the cause of the accident for the moment is "unknown."

Iran Aseman Airlines said initially that the plane was carrying 60 passengers, two pilots, two cabin crew and two security guards, before stating that one of the passengers had not boarded, reducing the number of people on board to 65.

In December 2016, the European Union placed Iran Aseman Airlines on its blacklist because of security concerns about the company itself.

An Iranian journalist has posted photos on Twitter supposedly representing the site of the crash.