The second MS-21 starts flight testing


Moscow - The second prototype of the MS-21 started flight testing phase on May 12 in Irkutsk. A total of four test aircraft are planned for the certification campaign of the Russian single-aisle.

The MC-21 spent an hour and seven minutes in the air. It climbed to 9850 feet and reached 215 NM airspeed.

The flight program included checking for stability and controllability for various flap positions.

The first MS-21-300 is meanwhile being tested at the Gromov flight test center in Zhukovsky. So far, the stability and controllability, the takeoff and landing characteristics and various operating modes of the engine (including the engine start in flight) have been tested.

Currently, the single-aisle is equipped with Pratt & Whitney's geared turbofan PW1400G. The PD-14 of the United Engine Corporation will be offered to the clients as an option.

A composite wing is being tested separately. Parallel to the flight and structural tests, preparations are being made for the mass production of the MS-21-300.