The problems with Trent engines to cost Rolls-Royce 100 million pounds more than estimated


London - This year, Rolls-Royce will need 99.6 million pounds (132.3 million USD) to make necessary modifications to its Trent 900 and Trent 1000 engines.

On June 15, a presentation for the investor event revealed that the further issues with the Trent 1000 engines already exceeded the estimated cost around 100 million pounds.

It was said that the cost of Trent's problems would double from 170 million pounds last year to about 340 million pounds.

On June 14, a broad restructuring plan was announced to compensate for these expenses. The restructuring plan to cut the costs in non-critical research and development programs besides other spendings that are not urgent.

The number of the newly grounded Boeing 787s has now reached about 50 aircraft. After completing the inspections of Trent 1000 Package C engines, Package B inspections would be started immediately and could be completed in less time, says the British manufacturer.

A permanent solution to the problem with the compressor blades is expected in the fourth quarter of the year.