The fourth Boeing 737-800 joins the Swoop fleet


Calgary - Swoop, Canada's new ultra-low-cost carrier put its fourth aircraft into service. The newly arrived aircraft is a three-year-old Boeing 737-800 from the parent company WestJet's fleet.

The 737-800 registered C-FONK had joined the WestJet's fleet in October 2015. The new aircraft is one of the 737s, which were delivered to WestJet between April and July 2015 and transferred to Swoop this year.

The airline will deploy the new aircraft on its seasonal routes from Calgary to Abbotsford and Winnipeg. Swoop plans to add two more aircraft by the end of this year end four more by fall of 2019.

We obviously have reconfigurations in the higher-density to consider. But we're actively looking to see if can we grow faster from the six to ten aircraft that we've already foretold,
says WestJet CEO Ed Sims.

WestJet plans to grow the fleet of its ultra-low-cost carrier to as many as 40 airliners, and keep the cost target 30-40% lower.
Ramping Swoop up more quickly will enable the Calgary-based company to reach this cost target sooner.