The first Boeing 777 goes to museum


Hong Kong - The first Boeing "Triple Seven" WA001 goes to the museum after 24 years of service. The aircraft built in 1994 belonged to the passenger fleet of Cathay Pacific since 2000.

The airline donated this first prototype (N7771) to the Museum of Flight in Seattle, where it would be displayed as part of the aviation history with the first Boeing 737, the first 747 and the first Concorde.

On April 9, 1994, the first 777, line number WA001, was rolled out in a series of ceremonies. The first flight was carried out on June 12, 1994.

The aircraft was converted to the production version 777-267 and delivered to Cathay Pacific in 2000, where it was in use until the end of May 2018. But the first built 777 was not the first delivered. This honor came to the seventh aircraft produced, which went to the United Airlines.

For Boeing, the 777 was a great success. The two-engine jetliner with electronic flight control and the two-man cockpit was about 33 percent more economical than the classic versions of the jumbo jet.

Boeing has already sold 1,967 aircraft from the successful model. The next generation 777, the 777X, is currently under development.