First Airbus A380 of Lufthansa rolls out of paint shop with new livery


Guangzhou - The first Lufthansa Airbus A380 with the airline’s new livery rolled out of the paint shop in Guangzhou, China. Lufthansa has been repainting its fleet since February. All aircraft in Lufthansa's fleet will be wearing the new livery over time.

The first devices to receive the new livery were a Boeing 747-8 and an Airbus A321. After its repainting, Lufthansa's Boeing 747 made a tour around Germany to debut the airline's new livery.

But when Lufthansa first revealed its new livery at a press event in Frankfurt in February, the very dark blue tone used in design caused disappointment among the loyal Lufthansa passengers and aviation enthusiasts.

The classic yellow had gone, and a very dark blue came instead. After lots of critics, the company decided to change it in May to something closer to the old blue by reducing the dark tone without giving up the desired deep blue.

The repainted Airbus A380 has been in Guangzhou since October 29 for its scheduled maintenance and repainting. Lufthansa Technik sends the A380s to GAMECO (Guangzhou Aircraft Maintenance Engineering) for C-checks and paintings.

The superjumbo registered D-AIMD became the first A380 to be serviced by the Chinese company as part of an agreement signed between two companies in May this year.

The logo of the company which depicts a stylised flying crane inside a circle, was first created in 1918 by German architect and designer Otto Firle for Deutsche Luft-Reederei (DLR), Lufthansa's predecessor.