The boss of Emirates threatens Americans to cancel the 76 billion dollars contract with Boeing


Dubai - The leading American airline operators, Delta, American, and United are demanding restraints for the operations of Gulf carriers in the US soil. But the Emirates boss Tim Clark reminds the US government the contract of his company with Boeing that worths billions.

The three major US airlines are lobbying for the amendment of the "Open Skies" agreements with the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

In the United States, there are voices that call for the termination of the Open Skies agreements,
Clark told the Business Insider.
If it happens, Emirates will rethink its order for 115 Boeing 777-9 and 35 777-8,
he warned the Americans.

A loss of the $76 billion contract would not only hit Boeing hard. GE Aviation to supply Emirates 777Xs with its GE9X engines. The MRO deal of Emirates with the engine manufacturer alone has a volume of 16 billion dollars.

Emirates to receive the first 777-9 in 2020 and has an option to extend the order around 50 aircraft.

Delta accuses state-owned airline operators Emirates, Etihad Airways, and Qatar Airways of 50 billion dollars anti-competitive subsidies by the owner states over the past decade.

According to the US carriers, this is a violation of Open Skies and the agreements with those countries must be re-evaluated.

Open skies is an international policy that calls for the liberalization of the rules and regulations of the international aviation to create a free-market environment for the airline industry.

For open skies to become effective, a bilateral air transport agreement must be concluded between the governments.