The Boeing 777-9 takes shape


Washington - On March 22, Boeing released an image of the fuselage of its future 777-9, which is being assembled at the Everett FAL in Washington State.

The hull of the 777-9 is made of metal like the 777-300ER. However, the window openings are slightly larger than the previous generation. The wings of the 777-9 consist of carbon fiber composite material like the 787.

Unlike the Dreamliner, Boeing builds the wings of the 777X not in Japan, but directly in Everett at a new workplace next to the final assembly line.

The largest twin-engine jet in the world is scheduled to make its maiden flight in 2019 before delivered to the launch company Emirates Airlines the following year.

Capable of accommodating up to 425 passengers in standard tri-class configuration, the 777-9 will fly 7600 nm (14.075 km) with the lower operating cost per seat than any commercial aircraft in the world, according to the manufacturer.

The 777-9 has accumulated 273 firm orders against 53 of its smaller variant 777-8.