The Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Norwegian finally returns home


Stockholm - The Boeing 737 MAX 8 from Norwegian, which had to stay on the ground in Iran for months, finally returned home.

The brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 of Norwegian was on its way from Dubai to Oslo on December 14 when it had to divert to Shiraz in Iran due to technical problems.

After technical checks, it was revealed that the MAX 8 needed a replacement engine to fly again. But due to the sanctions against Iran, it was not allowed to bring the western made aircraft and aircraft parts to the country, so the CFM Leap-1B engine was not an exception. As a result, Norwegian's Boeing 737 MAX 8, which was delivered to the company on October 2018, stuck in Iran for more than two months.

Norwegian strives to bring back its stranded Boeing 737-800 in Iran

After long negotiations and official correspondence with the US Department of Foreign Affairs, the airline got an exemption to bring a new engine to Shiraz.


On February 22, the Boeing 737 finally could fly again. After a 6.5-hour flight, the aircraft landed at Stockholm International Airport.