The BBJ MAX 8 is at the Final Assembly Line


Renton - The business variant of the 737 MAX 8 will join the BBJ family between the BBJ MAX 7 smaller and the BBJ MAX 9 larger versions.

Boeing published the first pictures of the BBJ MAX 8 on its Twitter account. Boeing describes its new Business jet having the "unmatched range" and "ultra-spacious and customizable cabin."

According to the preliminary specifications, the BBJ MAX 8 can fly 6640 nautical miles (12.297 kilometers) with eight passengers, 1010 nautical miles (1,870 kilometers) more than the BBJ2 which is derived from the 737-800 NG.

At the time of the launch of the BBJ MAX 8 program in April 2014, Boeing indicated that the first aircraft would be delivered in 2018 with no interior because a customer-selected, unidentified supplier would install amenities.

As of the end of January, the BBJ MAX family, recorded 18 firm orders. With eight passengers, the range of the BBJ MAX 7 will reach 7000 nautical miles (12,964 kilometers) and that of the MAX 9, 6515 nautical miles (12,066 kilometers).

In addition to the BBJ MAX, the Boeing Business Jets range also includes BBJ 787 (15 orders), 777 (11 orders) and 747-8 (11 orders).