The A380 was seriously damaged during the maintenance

Dubai, UAE - An Airbus A380 of Emirates was seriously damaged during the Maintenance in Dubai. While the nose wheel was being retracted, the aircraft fell onto the concrete floor of the hangar.

The nose cone shattered and the bottom of the aircraft's fuselage was damaged.

An Emirates spokesperson said that the incident occurred on Aug. 22 during an A-Check at the Dubai International Airport.

The company has initiated an internal investigation for the incident. Nobody was injured, according to airline officials.

Emirates has a fleet of 110 A380. The Gulf carrier will receive 13 more superjumbo from Airbus. The damaged aircraft was delivered to UAE carrier in 2015 with the registration A6-EOP.

Emirates Airbus A380 A6-EOP

Emirates is the last customer of the Airbus A380. Last year, the European aircraft manufacturer announced that it ceased the production of the aircraft due to lack of demand.