The A350-1000: A game changer in wide-body segment


Toulouse - Longer hull, modified wings, new Rolls-Royce Trent-XWB engines and more robust systems. They are what Airbus delivered to Qatar Airways on February 20, in Toulouse.

According to the European manufacturer, the A350-1000 has what it takes to outdo the Boeing 777X. The new member of the Airbus' wide-body family has a range of up to 7950 NM (15,000 km) and is seven meters longer than the A350-900 with 44 extra seats.

According to Marisa Lucas-Ugena, marketing director of the A350 program, the A350-1000 offers passengers a highly comfortable environment that they will notice more than anything else such as better temperature control and higher cabin humidity.

The A350-1000 has accumulated 1,600 hours of flight time before being approved by EASA and FAA in November 2017. New main landing gear with six wheels and an almost completely new engine make it possible for the new wide-body jet to take off and land at smaller airports.

The two Trent-XWB engines from Rolls-Royce produce 431 kilonewtons thrust, which is higher than the A350-900. Airbus also says the Airbus A350-1000 consumes 25% less fuel than the similarly sized competitors.

Thanks to the 54% percent composite materials used in the production, the aircraft is lighter, more stable, rust-resistant and only slightly susceptible to fatigue,
said Ugena.
A full A350-1000 is as heavy as an empty Boeing 777,
she added.

Airbus advertises the A350-1000 as a cost-efficient competitor against the 777X.