Pictures: The 777-9 gears up for maiden flight after having upgraded GE9X engines installed

Seattle, Washington - The first two upgraded GE9X engines have been installed on the first Boeing 777X. The aircraft is expected to carry out its first flight early in 2020.

During the ground tests, an issue detected on the stator vanes in the compressor had forced Boeing to push back the start date of the flight tests from July 2019 to early 2020.

In the meantime, another GE9X engine was damaged during the transfer from GE to Seattle when the AN124 heavy transporter carrying them made a hard landing.

777X engine was damaged during shipping

The upgraded engines of General Electric had improvements to fix durability problems and were installed on the first Boeing 777-9. The GE9X is the largest aircraft turbine ever built for a passenger jet.

The first ground testing is expected to take place around mid-November.