TAROM to acquire nine ATR 72-600

Bucharest, Romania - Romania's state-owned career TAROM will acquire nine ATR 72-600 to replace seven ATR 42-500 and two ATR 42-500 in the fleet.

TAROM is used to fly its current turboprops on domestic routes as well as regional routes such as from Bucharest Otopeni to Turkey, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine, Greece, and Bulgaria.

Besides developing airports around the country, we also want Tarom to become Romanians' best and most preferred airline," Romanian Transport Minister Răzvan Cuc said.
The new aircraft will be equipped with state-of-the-art navigation equipment, the passenger cabin will be modern, quiet, and have increased baggage storage capacity and improved fuel consumption. With the same type of aircraft, flight and technical crews will no longer need significant conversion training. The aeroplanes will also benefit from a five-year warranty, which in practice will foresee no additional maintenance costs. All the efforts and investments we are making today are made for Romanians and for Romania, as we have promised, Cuc added.

Cuc said the first ATRs will join the airline's fleet from October till the end of this year and January next year. The older ATRs will be returned to the Franco-Italian manufacturer as part of the deal signed between two companies.