TAP Air Portugal sends an Airbus A330-200 to Twente for dismantling

Lisbon, Portugal - TAP Air Portugal will send an Airbus A330 to the Twente Airport in the Netherlands for dismantling.

The aircraft will be dismantled at the Twente Airport by the Dutch aircraft disassembly and dismantling company AELS. The A330-200 was built in 1997 and delivered to the Austrian Airlines in 1999. The plane served with the Austrian flag carrier until 2007 with the registration OE-LAN, and sold to TAP Air Portugal in 2007 where it was mainly operated on the long-haul routes of the Portuguese carrier with the registration CS-TOI.

The 22-years-old aircraft was the second prototype of the Airbus's A330-200. It will make its last flight to the Twente Airport at the end of this month where it will be dismantled.

When in service with the Austrian

TAP Air Portugal's A330-200 will be the tenth aircraft to be dismantled by AELS at the Twente Airport.

The Dutch company previously dismantled an Airbus A340 from SWISS, two Boeing 747 from KLM, two Airbus A340 from Air France, two Boeing 737 from TUI fly, an Airbus A340 from Qatar Airways and a Boeing 747 from Kuwait Airways there.

The dismantled parts will be overhauled and placed on the market so that they can be reused on other Airbus A330s. The residual waste will be recycled.

The Portuguese flag carrier currently operates 16 previous generation Airbus A330 (14 A330-200, 2 A330-300). The airline is gradually replacing older generation A330s with the newer A330-900s. (7 in service, 16 on order).