Swiss A330 turns 5 hours in the air before returning to Zurich


Zurich - Following a technical problem at the left engine, an Airbus A330 from Swiss International Air Lines, which took off from Zurich for Newark, the United States, had to return to its departure airport quickly. But the passengers had to wait five hours before landing.

The A330 (flight SWR18), with 220 passengers and 12 crew members, took off from Zurich International Airport around 9 pm on March 30. After the take-off, the flight crew quickly spotted a technical irregularity on the left engine.

The crew then requested an emergency landing but had to turn several hours over southern Germany before it. The aircraft finally landed at the Zurich airport at 2 am in the morning. The goal was to empty the A330's tanks and lighten the long-haul before landing.

Since the Swiss airport is prohibited to the night flights between 23 pm and 6 am, Swiss granted a free hotel night to passengers before flying them to Newark safely the next day.