Suspected sabotage at Cathay Pacific

Hong Kong - Hong Kong's flag carrier Cathay Pacific suspended Dozens of cabin crew members after third Cathay flight found with empty oxygen tanks before take-off.

Besides Hong Kong’s Civil Aviation Department and the police, the Civil Aviation Administration of China is also investigating the issue.

On September 2, the company issued an internal memo dictating more stringent security protocols that the employees have to conduct on planes, including detailed checks every 60 minutes.

The company is taking this issue very seriously and all cabin crew on the flights involved will be temporarily placed on the code DA (Duty to be Assigned) while the investigation is conducted,

the memo reads.

Recently, we have further strengthened our security measures to now include pre-flight, in-flight and post-landing checks for every flight to ensure all emergency equipment is serviceable, so that the safety of our crew and passengers is upheld at all times,

an airline spokesperson said.

The officials also consider a sabotage possibility amid Hong Kong protests.

As a precaution, dozens of flight attendants who were on three Cathay flights with empty oxygen tanks were suspended.

To prevent similar incidents, Cathay introduces a new security policy called “In-flight Cabin Monitoring Program". According to the new policy, the cabin crew members are required to carry out detailed checks in the aircraft, including lavatories and crew rest compartment at least every 60 minutes between flights to ensure the safety before takeoff.

Besides pre-flight checks, the crew will also carry out post-flight checks after passengers leave the plane.

On August 17 and August 18, two Cathay Pacific flights from Hong Kong to Toronto were found with empty oxygen tanks.

On August 31st, another flight of the group subsidiary Cathay Dragon, was found with an empty oxygen tank before takeoff.

Cathay Pacific had rejected to take action against the staff who were involved Anti-China protests. The mainland Civil Aviation Authority threatened the airline to prevent it from using Chinese airspace.



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